unnamedIt’s a different experience to be “single”.

You probably always play with a friend, don’t you? It’s convenient and safe as you know what to expect.

Want to live on the edge and do something a little different? Play as a single and enjoy the unknown on those days you want to play but no one can join you. Several things can happen:

You enjoy the solitude of being by yourself and playing your own way if it is quiet and we don’t pair you up with others. Play a couple of balls, take that mulligan (over and over). Enjoy your thoughts, your speed, your rules, while communing with nature. Treasure the peacefulness of being alone while enjoying golf.
If you get paired up with other players, you will meet some new folks that may turn into friends or new business contacts. Maybe you get a few tips about golf, about a good restaurant or a hot business.
And if they happen to be the horror show of players that you always dreaded, it will give you a new perspective on your regular group. You’ll appreciate Jim’s constant golf pointers, Larry’s corny jokes and Mike’s cursing tirades.