Senior Scramble

A themed senior scramble golf outing followed by a corresponding buffet…

Price: $50.00

Time: All events will be at 9am…. Please arrive at least 15-30 minutes prior for check in(If at all possible,To expedite check-in process please try and pay for a team with one transaction of $200) The Grille will be open for service at 8am.

Schedule of dates and themes: Twin-oaks-Senior-Scramble-2016: a schedule with the themes, but if you do not have a printer a copy will be available in the pro-shop

Skins: Ladies and Men’s skins game is separate and optional $20.00 per team. Mixed couples are with men. 

No skin policy: If all skins are tied Twin Oaks will donate to a local charity. In 2013 together we donated nearly $1,200.00 to local charities.

Additional 9 holes: with cart after buffet and prizes only $10.00 per player.

Dinner guests: You are more than welcome to invite guests to dinner following golf. For $15.00 guests can enjoy the themed buffet and beverages. Please pay pro shop attendant. 

Rules: Must have a four person team over the age of 50 in order to enter. Each player can only win one course contest per event. Each team can only win twice, once you have won twice 2 players will have to be changed. If your team after two wins doesn’t want to split up that team can continue to play and enjoy the course contest and door prizes.

No Shows: In the past we let teams make reservations well in advance for some or all our events. If your team is a no show no call two days in advance you will lose your privilege to make future reservations.