Sign up for our upcoming leagues!

Men’s Tuesday League will start April 11 at 4:30
Men’s Thursday League will start April 13 at 5:00
Ladies Tuesday League will start April 18 at 5:00
Member League fees are the same as last year $35.00 entry fee $85.00
first half cart fee for a total of $120 due 1 week before league starts,
Non-Members $235. This will allow the first night of league to go much

We will be signing up to have a Thursday Morning Ladies League
Starting May 4 at 10:00 A.M. This will be an individual 18-hole 10-
week league. Member Fees will be $35.00 entry and $80.00 first half
cart fee, total $115. Non-members $195. All fees are due by April 27.

We will also be signing up for a Monday morning Men’s 18-hole
individual 10-week league, starting May 1 at 10:00A.M. This will also
be an individual 18-hole league. Fees will be $35.00 entry fee and first
half cart fee $80.00, total $115. Non-members $195. All fees due by
April 24.

Signup sheets are available in Pro Shop now.

Hope to see everyone soon.